Malvern Hills


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Great Malvern, Christchurch.   WR14 3AY.    Open Wednesdays and Fridays, 10 – 12.

Great Malvern Priory.   WR14 2AY.    Open Monday to Saturday, 9 – 5.

Little Malvern Priory.   WR14 4JN.     Usually open daily.  (Car Park and toilets.)

Malvern, Cowleigh, St Peter.   WR14 1QS.    Usually open daily.

Malvern Link, Church of the Ascension.   WR14 1XA.    Usually open daily.

Powick, St Peter.   WR2 4QT.    Usually open on weekends in the summer.

West Malvern, St James.   WR14 4BB.    Usually open daily.

Information believed to be correct at time of entry (August 2015).