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The area covered by the WDHCT boasts over 300 beautiful historic churches which are not only at the heart of their community, but are, in addition, a treasure trove, preserving the history and heritage of that community. They also have a wider importance to the development of the nation; they are part of the fabric of England and must no be allowed to decay and deteriorate. Today, many congregations cannot afford the upkeep of these lovely buildings and the responsibility must be shared by those who believe that our churches encapsulate our heritage.

The Worcestershire and Dudley Historic Churches Trust is dedicated to preserving these important buildings and we need your help to continue our vital work.

We would like to invite you to become a Friend of the Trust. This is a simple and effective way of supporting our work and in return we’ll keep you informed about our achievements, and invite you to join our tours and social gatherings.

Our churches are too important to our history and heritage to be allowed to slip into decline. Please help us in our work to preserve these beautiful buildings for today and for future generations.

Thank you for your contribution.