Grants Awarded


June 2022

Grants applied for and projects supported over last 5 years ( since early 2018)

n.b.  Includes 2 years when  COVID 19 affected applications

SUCKLEY, St John Baptist:     Boiler installation


MARTLEY, St Peter:    Repair of roof timbers and waterproofing


BENGEWORTH, St Peter:     Restoration of East window


STOULTON, St Edmund:      New heating system


OMBERSLEY, St Andrew:    Restoration of 6 remaining windows


LITTLE WITLEY, St Michael:   Restoration of roof tiles and repointing


HALLOW, SS Philip and James:   Repair of slipped stone arch in nave


WORCESTER, St Andrew’s  Methodist Church, Pump St:   Repair of flat roof and tower.


REDDITCH, St Stephen:   Reroofing the nave and tower repairs