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Churches of Worcestershire is written by Tim Bridges who lectures widely on church architecture and history. He is a Trustee of WDHCT, which will benefit from each sale of the copy of this book.

The core of the book is a gazetter to the Anglican Churches of Worcestershire – some 270 in total – allowing the book to be used as a guide when exploring the county. Each entry places the church in its setting, describes the church, gives its building history and details the main decorations, monuments, gladd and any notable external features such as lychgates and crosses. As such it is an invaluable aid to explaining what you are seeing – and for ensuring that you don’t miss anything on your visit.

Second Edition published by Logaston Press in 2005
ISBN 1 904396 39 9 price £14.95

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Churches of the Black Country

Also written by Tim Bridges, this includes a guide to the Anglican churches of the Borough of Dudley.

First edition published by Logaston Press 2008
ISBN 978 1  906663 04 9 price £12.95

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