Stourport Methodist Church


Stourport Wesley Methodist Church

Located in Parkes Passage, off the High Street.

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                                                        Stourport Methodist Church, March 2015.

For more pictures of the interior (2015):  Please Click Here.                                      (

The original chapel of 1788 was enlarged in 1812 when the interior gallery was added. The existing stuccoed front is from c1876. Inside, the church has an ‘astonishing’ (Pevsner) chancel screen, pulpit and communion area, of 1894, by Joseph Wood, a local stonemason.
The Oasis Coffee Bar, within the church, is open on Tuesday, Friday and Saturday mornings. 

Stourport Methodist Church Website.
Grade II Listed Building:  Listing Details Here.
Historic England listing:  Please Click Here.

Former Primitive Methodist Chapel.

In Lickhill Road. Built in 1855. Now used by Jehovah’s Witnesses.  (

stourport prim meth mar 2015

  Former Primitive Methodist Chapel, March 2015.

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