Website update

February 14, 2015

Work on the church history section is progressing.   Almost all the Anglican churches in the southern part of the diocese of Worcester have been covered, and some of the non-conformist churches have been added.

Our church history pages list each parish in Worcestershire and a few on the county borders.   Church pages for the  Dudley area are yet to be completed.

Each page will contain pictures old (when available) and new of the church in that place.  In addition there are links to websites which provide more detail about the story of that church, including listings and relevant family history sites.   

Non conformist churches and chapels are slowly being added to the pages.    If you have a history or old photographs  of your chapel, do let us know, and, with your permission, we would be delighted to post them on the website.   Just email, using our contact form.   Thank you.